January 14th Restock List

Restock January 14TH 10am EST!

Read Important Updates Below!
With the new year comes bigger & better changes. For the year 2022 our restocks will work a little different. Our restock list will consist of limited items until sold out and open shop items for a specific time period. ALL items will be available starting at 10am EST! Check out our list below for better details. 
The Items listed below will be open shop from 10:00am until 1:00pm EST. These items will not sell out during the open shop time frame.
 Premium Yoni Bar 
HoneyBee Bar 
Cranberry Coconut Body Oil 4oz
Sweet Autumn Body Oil 4oz
Mermaid Nectar Yoni Oil 1& 2oz
Aloe & Papaya Serum 1&2oz
Coffee Scrub 4oz
Clarity Scrub 4oz
The Items Below will also be available starting at 10:00am EST until sold out
 Sweet Nectar Yoni Bar 
Tropical Aroma Everything Bar
Cranberry Coconut Bar 
Sweet Autumn Bar 
Premium Yoni Gel 4 & 8oz
Sweet Nectar Yoni Gel 4oz
King Salim Gel 8oz
Delicate Nectar Gel 4oz
Oatmeal & Honey Butter 6oz
Pomegranate Mint Chapstick 
Tropical Aroma Butter 4oz