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Vaginal Care- How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor & Balance pH

If you’re wondering how to get rid of vaginal odor, or if you have any other questions related to vaginal care, then you’re at the right place!

Have you ever sensed a fish-like smell down there?

Well, it might just be due to a pH imbalance or possibly a bacteria-induced BV disease.

Have you ever tried products for vaginal odor or googled “How to make your vagina smell good?” Maybe you’ve even experimented with natural vaginal cleaners before or quite possibly rejected the idea altogether because the vaginal is self-cleaning, right?

No matter the struggle, we’ve all been there (at least most of us). As a female, I can testify that trying to get rid of vaginal odor is not exactly pleasant. However, I feel most of this nastiness stems from a lack of awareness and a strong yet unreasonable taboo mindset.

Is pH Balance a Thing?

If you’re anything like me (and most females, in fact), your knowledge of reproductive health and vaginal care is probably not as broad as it should be. For instance, have you ever heard about pH balance in the vagina?

Well, I hadn’t - at least not until my mid-20s. At the time, I had been experiencing a somewhat fishy odor in my vaginal area, which was a little unsettling. Of course, I did my part and went on to consult a medical professional. The awful smell was due to a condition termed BV. The doctor prescribed antibiotics, which worked well for a certain period. But then I returned to the same doctor again a few weeks later with a yeast infection. Medication was prescribed again, as is the norm. Unfortunately, this was a perpetual cycle wherein I was only losing equal parts of money and sanity.

On the whole, though, one thing was crystal clear- whatever the doctors were trying, it wasn’t working. At this point, I still had no idea what a pH balance was or how I could balance vaginal pH naturally. You think my doctor would have informed me, right? Wrong! After all, isn’t the vagina self-cleaning? Sure, my doctors did what they do best– diagnosing and prescribing medications. But it certainly wasn’t enough!

Eventually, I decided to take things into my own hands and took to the internet for natural remedies to get rid of vaginal odor. During this search, I also discovered the concept of vaginal pH balance. At first, I was pretty baffled- why hadn't anyone told me anything about this? I mean, if this was a crucial part of my body, I had a right to know, right? When I’d been taught about puberty and menstruation, why was pH balance management conveniently left out? But well, this is the usual extent of vaginal care most females receive. No pH balance. No products for vaginal odor. Disappointing, to say the least.

How to Balance Vaginal pH Naturally?

Since we're not educated on these topics, women tend to experience a sudden rude awakening during their child-bearing years when their body starts acting out against poor hygiene practices because the products they used before puberty are not the products, they need post-puberty.

So, what constitutes proper vaginal care? How to balance vaginal pH naturally? And what products for vaginal odor actually work?

The answers to these questions don’t have to be complex. And they wouldn't be if only we put in the effort to educate our girls about these very important subjects. To help maintain our vulval pH, we should drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and practice safe sex. These things obviously go beyond just getting rid of vaginal odor, and adopting these habits will improve the overall quality of your life. Nevertheless, all these methods focus on internal cleaning.

But what about external vaginal care?

Natural Vaginal Cleaners

Most commercial products for vaginal odor do more harm than good, which is why a lot of people choose to abstain from vaginal cleansing altogether!

But wait- don’t invest in poor quality products for vaginal odor. In fact, we recommend ditching perfume-scented detergents! Yes, we do mean detergents. You see, many feminine care products aimed at getting rid of vaginal odor are actually just detergents- plain and simple. There’s really no other way to put it!

Of course, detergents and soaps are very different. To be considered soap, a product must contain natural oils or fats with sodium hydroxide. But no, despite what you might think, most feminine products don’t meet these standards- not even close. But then, what are they even supposed to do?

Well, a lot of the time, they're actually part of the problem. Brands relentlessly advertise these nasty detergents as cleansing bars, beauty bars, and moisturizing agents when they're just not soap. And they’re definitely not safe to use down there- yikes!

Wait….Isn’t the Vagina Self-Cleaning?

Yes, yes. We’ve all heard it before the vagina is self-cleaning. It’s true. And we’re not saying it isn’t. But there’s only so much cleaning one vulva can do, right?

Your vagina is actually an inner canal where intercourse takes place. The vulva, on the other hand, comprises the clitoris, lips, and mom pubis and is present near the exterior. Now, the vagina is surely self-cleaning, but the vulva, not so much. This is the part that needs a little extra help to maintain balance and stay free from bacterial overgrowth.

What’s Disturbing Vaginal Balance?

Come to think of it, what’s disturbing vaginal balance in the first place?

Well, your vagina naturally hosts different types of healthy, acid-producing bacteria- they’re supposed to be there. But at the same time, in order to prevent dryness and maintain a chemical balance, your vagina needs to produce fluid- and lots of it regularly. This fluid contains acids. And this acidity actually helps protect the vagina against germs. Hence, this is a natural defense mechanism against bacterial overgrowth. The acid kills most of the harmful bacteria, fungi, and other parasites- which is good, of course.

Still, sometimes vaginal acidity is no match for bacterial growth If you’re not using the right cleansers, in which case the bacteria continue to thrive instead of dying out. And this eventually leads to an unbalanced state of pH in the general vaginal area. The condition often manifests as:

  • A strong, fish-like odor coming from your vagina
  • Itching down there
  • Green, grey, or foamy vaginal discharge- obviously bad
  • Pain or burning sensations in the vagina during or after sex
  • Burning sensations while urinating
  • Swelling or irritation around the vaginal region

Most of these symptoms are obvious warning signs and need immediate attention. However, the real problem is that while we may try to get rid of vaginal odor, we're neglecting to deal with the actual problem- pH imbalance.

Goddess of The Sea- Beauty & (Vaginal) Care

At Goddess of The Sea, we understand the needs of the female system. And thus, all of our feminine products are formulated with 100% natural, active ingredients that have been traditionally accepted as agents for reducing bacterial overgrowth and normalizing pH levels, i.e., bringing it back to the acceptable level of acidity.

So, don’t ask about how to make your vagina smell good. Instead, focus on keeping it clean. Freshness and pleasant smells will follow suit. Remember, the vagina is self-cleaning, after all. It merely needs a helping hand with your Vulva. You do that, and your vagina will work wonders!

If you're struggling with Vaginal Odor, we have the right products for you! 

Premium Nectar Feminine Cleanser & Yoni Oil 

Our Premium Nectar Feminine Cleanser is created to stimulate, energize, and restore your vagina. It is a definite top-notch recipe, with only the best, 100% natural ingredients to maintain pH balance, fight BV-causing bacteria, control yeast, and foul odors, lighten the bikini area, and so much more! Plus, it works best when paired with our Mermaid Nectar Yoni Oil. Our Yoni Oil possesses powerful antibacterial healing benefits to help eliminate odor causing bacteria, increase wetness, reduce ingrown hairs, and boost your overall sexual drive- and what more could you ask for, really? 

So, try our premium feminine wash & Yoni Oil and say goodbye to vaginal odor for good!

With Healing,

Kianda - CEO/Founder

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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