Hyperpigmentation 101

Hyperpigmentation 101

Have you ever noticed certain spots around your body that just don’t seem to match the overall pigment of your skin?

Chances are you may have hyperpigmentation.

Don't fret! Having hyperpigmentation is normal. Hyperpigmentation is more common than you think. Many people deal with sun damage and acne scars. In fact, hyperpigmentation is not a disease and is not usually harmful. These spots can vary in colors of brown, black, pink, or red and are commonly found on the face, hands, and other sun-exposed body parts. 

If you have this skin condition and don't know what to do, you have come to the right place. Our guide closely examines how you can treat hyperpigmentation. So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive right in. 

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Before we cover how to treat hyperpigmentation, it is important that you have a better understanding of the condition. It is the darkening of the skin due to excess exposure from the sun, scarring from inflammation, or hormonal imbalance. No matter the color of your skin or what skin type you may have, anyone can suffer from hyperpigmentation. It can either appear on specific areas of the skin or the entire body. Therefore, you would notice uneven skin tone, age spots, or dark spots. 

If you think that you have hyperpigmentation, you should know its symptoms. Generally, your skin would have darkened areas. These patches can develop just about anywhere and tend to vary in size. The main risk factors of hyperpigmentation include inflammation and sun exposure which cause an increase in melanin production. The more you are exposed to sunlight, the more you would be at risk of hyperpigmentation. 

Types of Hyperpigmentation

There are different types of hyperpigmentation, as mentioned below.

  • Melasma: It typically develops during pregnancy and when using birth control. It can appear in just about any area of the body. However, it mostly affects the face and stomach. 
  • Sunspots: Also known as solar lentigines or liver spots, sunspots are quite common. When exposed to the sun for an extended period, spots can appear on your face and hands. 
  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: It is a result of inflammation or injury. Acne and eczema are the most common types of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

As you might already have an idea by now, hyperpigmentation occurs when excess melanin is produced. It is the pigmentation that is responsible for giving your skin its color. However, there are various factors that can alter melanin production in your body. Also, hormonal changes during pregnancy and while using birth control can affect the production of melanin in women. Apart from this, inflammation and excessive sun exposure are equally responsible. Therefore, certain areas of your body may appear darker than the rest. 

How To Treat Hyperpigmentation?

Significant research has been conducted to find out how hyperpigmentation can be treated. Generally, you can rely on cosmetic products to target dark areas and brighten them up. These products also exfoliate and soothe your skin to give it a natural glow. When it comes to treating hyperpigmentation, you need to follow a proper skincare routine and ensure consistency. 

With some patience, you should be able to restore your skin to its former glory. It should take around 21 days on average for new skin cells to regenerate. Now, you need to understand that a complete skincare routine is a way to go. It should comprise a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen.  However, you have to make sure that you use natural skin care products instead of any chemical-infused products, as they would cause more harm than good. 

Moreover, you will have to use the same products that have been recommended on a consistent basis. For the best results, you should stick to a premium brand like Goddess of the Sea, as we provide unique and affordable natural skincare products that will help restore the beauty of your skin and improve your well-being. Our products don’t compromise on safety as they are made using natural ingredients that have been carefully selected and sourced from trustworthy suppliers. Therefore, you can expect to get your hands on only the best quality products when you choose Goddess of the Sea. 

Which Products Do You Need for Hyperpigmentation?

In order to treat hyperpigmentation, you need to use the following products. 

1. Honeybee Turmeric Facial Cleanser

The next product that you need to use to treat hyperpigmentation is our Honeybee Turmeric Facial Cleanser. As you might already know, turmeric is a superfood in the health industry. It is packed with antioxidants that are essential for treating your skin. It is widely known for its ability to heal wounds and prevent breakouts (esp. lessen active ones) as well as combat psoriasis and eczema. Therefore, you can rely on our Honeybee Turmeric Facial Cleanser to brighten dark circles, reduce acne scarring, and bring out your natural glow. It combines turmeric and raw honey to balance the bacteria on your skin, moisturize it, and speed up the healing process of your skin cells. 


2. Aloe & Rose Toner

Lastly, you also need to get our Aloe & Rose Toner. It offers endless skin benefits! If you are serious about your skin, you have to use it. With just a few spritzes of this toner on your skin, you can rest assured, knowing it will be refreshed and hydrated. To make the most of Aloe & Rose Toner, you just need to spray it on your face. Make sure you have washed your face thoroughly before applying any of our amazing serums. By using the right toner, you will be able to remove the remaining dirt after cleansing. It will help reduce the look of pores and much more! In fact, you can even use it as a setting spray for makeup. 

3. Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum

In order to hydrate your skin, you need to use Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum. After all, it is considered to be the holy grail. It can easily hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Besides, Hyaluronic Acid functions as a humectant. It holds water molecules onto the surface of the skin to keep it hydrated and give it a nice touch. So, you have to give our Hyaluronic Acid a try. It makes all the difference! Well, moisturized skin equals skin that has enough water content.

4. Vitamin C Moisturuzer

A Vitamin C Moisturizer is an absolute must as it protects, hydrates, and brightens your skin. Formulated with plant Powered Brightening & Anti-Aging ingredients, our Vitamin C Moisturizer will help ensure that your skin is taken care of. In order to reduce signs of aging and brighten your skin tone as well as protect it from the sun, your skin requires Vitamin C. It is an effective antioxidant that nourishes the skin without causing any harm to the natural oil barrier. 


5. Goddess Glow Mask

Lastly, you also need to get our Goddess Glow Mask! Nourish and refresh your skin with this nutrient-rich Moroccan Turmeric mask, that helps minimize the appearance of pores and promotes an even skin tone. Moroccan Clay helps draw out dirt, exfoliates skin to improve texture & visibly minimizes the look of pores. Turmeric is great for giving your skin a remarkable glow!

Why Choose Goddess of the Sea?

Goddess of the Sea is a premium brand dedicated to beauty and care. If you want your skin to benefit from only the best, you will find our skincare line just what you need. No matter how severe your hyperpigmentation might be, you should be able to treat it with our products. 

We only use high-quality ingredients to ensure that our valued customers benefit from only the best. It is about time that you stepped up your skincare routine. After all, your skin deserves to be in good hands! We go the extra mile and only offer products that are worth using. You will notice an improvement in your skin when you use our products. Our goal is to make sure that everyone looks their absolute best. 


After you have gone over our post, you will know everything there is to know about treating hyperpigmentation. You must not lose hope and focus on recovery. Make sure to use the products recommended by our experts, as they have been created for treating hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions. There is no better premium skincare brand out there. Once you follow through with the routine, you will be able to get the results that you are looking for. Besides, our products are cost-effective and will make you feel good about yourself when you use them.

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