Love Potion Yoni Oil

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It’s time to spice up your love life! Our exotic natural aphrodisiac oil blend is high vibrating, sensual, seductive & sexy. Since the beginning of time, roses have been the symbol of love! Our love potion oil is formulated with a high-quality rose oil that will take over your senses and stimulate your sexual energy.

 Why do you need Love Potion?

  • Warm sensation - a long lasting stimulating warm sensation
  • Eliminates odor for 24 hours
  • Long lasting scent - you’ll notice a fresh exotic sweet rose scent every time you use the bathroom
  • Smell & Taste Sweet
  • Fragrance Free - Made with 100% essentials oil

 When to use?

  • Date Night
  • Before Intimacy
  • During your cycle to eliminate odor
  • Unusual smell / Odor
  • Whenever you feel like it!

 Caution: The smell is so intoxicating your spouse may become addicted to you! Common side effects for your spouse include:

  • Wanting to smell and sniff you like a dog all day!
  • Thinking you put a love spell on them
  • Can’t keep their hands to themselves
  • Harassing you about the next restock so you can stock up
Size: Half Ounce

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