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Goddess of the Sea Beauty Bar

Lavender Feminine Wipes

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TO THE POINT: Feel Fresh, Confident and Clean ON THE GO! Our Lavender Feminine wipes are the easy, safe, and convenient way to freshen up and feel better no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 


  • After The Gym – Use our wipes to wipe away sweat and bacteria
  • After Sex – Sperm has been known to throw off the pH balance of vaginas, using our wipes can eliminate any bacteria and quickly re-balance your pH
  • After Using the Public Restroom – Can you guess how many germs linger in a public bathroom?  Toilet paper in public bathrooms is a breeding ground for germs. Germs easily stick to the light and thin paper. Using your feminine wipes is a safe and clean way to protect you from germ exposure.
  • During your menstrual cycle - Wearing a pad during your period can bring unwanted bacteria to your vulva and transfer it to your vagina. Our Lavender wipes were formulated to eliminate bad bacteria to keep your vulva clean and fresh.


  • Formulated With Soothing Botanicals that help Relieve Dryness, Itchiness, Discomfort & Abnormal Odor
  • pH Balanced
  • Made with herbal ingredients like Aloe & Calendula
  • No Parabens, Petrochemicals or Artificial Fragrance
  • Contains Pure Lavender Essential Oil